Emergency Medical Information

Keep it on your bike, keep it on your person.

While opinions differ among Gold Wingers and emergency professionals as to the “best” location for a completed emergency medical information card, everyone agrees having medical information about you and your co-rider available somewhere on your bike as well as in your wallet makes good sense.

While many Gold Wingers put their information inside the left hand fairing pocket of their Gold Wings. Other (particularly those who have replaced the left fairing pocket with some kind of accessory) prefer storing their information inside the travel trunk.

Anyone with a serious medical condition should probably wear a Medic-Alert bracelet, too. A recent suggestion is to strategically place a brightly lettered sign on your bikes dash, fairing pocket or travel trunk saying “Medical information inside” or specifying the location.

We suggest you consider using a version of the form provided below, perhaps on day-glo orange paper, fill out the information, laminate it or seal it inside a zipper-type sandwich bag, and store it either inside your left hand faring pocket or wherever you specify its location.

Sample Rider Emergency Info form (pdf)
Sample Rider Emergency Info form (doc)